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The Best Hire

Today was the last day of the best hire I've ever made. When you see someone you hired as an intern, watched become full-time and then watch as they've excelled, you can't help but become a bit nostalgic when they leave. It's always a difficult position to be in. Obviously you're happy they're moving to the next phase of their career, but you're also a bit let down because you won't be a part of their next round of career growth.

My best hire, well, we had no reason to hire her. She did have some other internship experience and was still in school, but there were other, more qualified applicants. There was just something about this person that made you want to be around her. Her resume had a little picture of a double stick lollipop with the tagline, "good ideas are meant to be shared." Under skills it read, "Big idea thinkin'."

She reminded me of my first real job interview. Here I was a theatre major with no real work experience, unless you count spamming on Myspace. When asked why they should consider me for the job my response was, "because I'm kick ass." The rest is history.

That's what I saw during our interview. She was confident, natural and engaging. If you can manage to combine those 3 in an interview, you might stand a chance to be hired. The interview is as much about who you are as it is about what you've done .

So, after a year and a half of working together, which included 2 promotions, endless laughter and amazing work, I bid thee farewell. Your replacement will have some big shoes to fill. And, the new company is lucky you'll continue to share your big ideas.