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Do What You Love

People bitch about work. I bitch about work. My coworkers bitch about work. My friends bitch about work. Work bitches about work. Everyone at some point bitches about work.

The fact is there are aspects of every job that bother you. Whether it's small and insignificant or large and overbearing, there's something that bothers you about your job. This is completely normal. What isn't normal is being stuck in a job that makes you miserable. I know a shocking amount of people who hate their job and as a result are just miserable.

It's amazing the excuses people make for sticking with a job they hate. "I don't have enough experience." "I don't have time to find anything new." "There aren't any cool jobs out there." Really the reason much more simple. "I'm lazy." The fact is it's 2013 and there are a ton of jobs out there that will make you happy.

Nicole Lapin of Recessionista has been tweeting about surprising jobs that make decent money. Let's hit the highlights:

  • Body-part model. Average $55,000/yr, no degree required!

  • Ice Cream Taster! Average $56,000/year, start w/listings at local universities or hospitals.

  • Embalmer. $45,060 a year, hair/makeup skills needed (and a strong stomach.)

  • Land Surveyor. Quickly work your way up to a decent six-figure income

  • eBay Seller. "I am a college dropout who makes $70,000 a year selling clothing and shoes from thrift stores and factory outlets on eBay, working from home," says golfkent.

You can make money doing what you love. If you love ice cream, then taste away. There is no reason to live your life in misery. Go out and be awesome.