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What Derek Jeter Can Teach Us

Derek Jeter is my favorite baseball. I'm 32 years old and I have a favorite baseball player. Classify me as you wish.

Let's run down the stats, shall we?

18 years in the Majors

Rookie of the Year

5 Time World Champion

World Series MVP

Yankees All-Time Career Hits leader, Games Played and Stolen Bases (THE FRIGGIN' YANKEES)

13 Time All-Star

5 Time Golden Glove Winner

5 Time Silver Slugger

All-Time Short Stop Hits Leader

Countless Hopes and DreamsSex Baskets Distributed (2 links there, both well worth a read)

Currently 11th on the All-Time Hits List

Think about that for a moment. Jeets needs 16 hits this year to be #8 on the All-Time Hits list, sitting just 100 hits away from Carl Yastrzemski. Unbelievable.

What impresses me most about Jeter, outside of giving out gift baskets to girls he's "Captain Clutched," is his leadership. Consider what an absolute mess the Yankees have been since bringing A-Rod on ('09 excluded). Yet there's Jeets,being low-key, consistent and awesome around the clock. Upholding the values of his organization even through a heap of horrible decisions. He ends last season, at what 38 years old, by fracturing his left ankle in Game 1 of the ALCS. A year later, today actually, he's back in the lineup as a DH. What 39 year old is able to rehab that quickly? Jeets, that's who.

What's the point of this, outside of going on about how much I love Jeets? I think we could all stand to be a little more like Jeter. Under the spotlight Jeter keeps his cool. On the biggest stage is when he's at his best. And when criticized, he embraces it and sees it as a challenge. We could stand to be more clutch on the biggest stage.

Eh, who am I kidding. The point of this was to talk about how awesome Derek Jeter is.

Greatest fade ever.